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Reiss () is a British fashion brand and retail store chain owned and run by the founder, David Reiss. The brand produces men's and women's clothing. It has 160 stores in 15 countries. Reiss was founded in 1971, and its first store in London's Bishopsgate sold men's suits. It did not move into women's clothes until 2000. The Reiss flagship store and headquarters in London, designed by Squire and Partners, has won several awards including the RIBA Award, the BCO Award, and the Civic Trust Award.

A letdown customer shares her experience, "Reiss is a terrible company to purchase clothing from especially if being shipped from UK. Very unreasonable and difficult customer service and no flexibility What so ever even now with all stores closed In malls. Very stressful and upsetting purchasing experience."


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Manager says

"Upper management is a hot mess. No organization. Training is not adequate. Sinking ship company. Stay away!"


"There is no structure as every store is ran differently operationally. Therefore if the leader of that store is not well organized or strong then the store will fail. I had been placed in an underperforming location and had turned the location around only to be laid off during a pandemic due to budget cuts. Last one in first one out."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Upper management some of the worst I have ever worked for, unorganized and unprofessional. VP has pet dog running around corporate office and stores. Favoritism and no internal growth or promotion"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very unorganized head office.. no one seems to ever be on the same page or deliver the same message, but then they scold you later when you do something wrong due to misinterpreting what was told -lack of support -lack of work/life balance- they expect you to be ready and able to work 24/7 if need be -little to no recognition of things going well. They only pay attention when things are going bad and start scolding -Unstructured training -Upper management never takes responsibility for anything, will only point the finger at everyone else -Toxic work environment overall"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"-No work/life balance, Associates were required to work EVERY weekend (no exceptions) -Condescending behavior from corporate. -Owner/CEO will fire associates on the spot if they did not fit the look of the brand -Inconsistent floor policies from store managers -Favoritism -Required to wear high heels for every shift. -Horrendous pay!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not enough flexibility and no understanding for employees home life"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company should be ashamed of themselves. Bullying, favoritism and incompetence at all management levels is rampant. You won't get any development or respect. No matter what they try to sell you, work somewhere else. Please."

Former Employee - Senior Sales Assistant says

"Bad management Not enough coverage Too much work they pick favorites . Pay could be higher commission would be nice . They will drain your energy . No background or drug test"

Former Employee - Sales/Operations says

"Corporate ignores the needs of employees, the need for equality and integrity is at dire need kept me at certain hours for two weeks at a time so they didn't have to pay me benefits"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Strict dress code but no free uniforms which is just cheap on their part. US corporate office is tiny and love micro managing. Historically bad a w-2s come income tax season."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Stay away if you have a shred of self-worth You will be expected high-end service for the price of what you get to pay to work for Primark. Constant physical judgment and discrimination based on religion. Wrong culture for anyone that wants to grow and progress in their career. No support offered from the manager but they'll expect you to do everything and only blame when things go wrong. Literally get a job anywhere elseSome Uniform allowance only accordion to hours contractedEverything"

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely recommend staying away from Reiss. The management is extremely unprofessional and is not worth advancing within. If you want to have a life"

seasonal temporary sales associate at Reiss (Former Employee) says

"You’re entire Reiss experience is held at your store manager’s discretion. Store to store the employee experience is totally different. I worked in a particular store that employees told tales of ‘surviving’ after managing to transfer. Managers put on a show for area managers and throw staff under the bus when they need to, area managers put on a show for company directors and throw store managers under the bus when they need to. If you want a job where you’re constantly pressured into buying new uniform, having your appearance scrutinised, being managed by dimwits merely because they’re your elder and making more for the company every two weeks than you yourself make in a year. This is the place for you. If you have self respect or value your mental health. Give it a miss."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked within the Selfridges concession of Reiss and endured a year long battle with the poor motivation, bad management and draining hours. The company itself leaves no room for progression for staff members with many extremely unhappy with either their position or the way they are treated. Appearance and personal remarks were on a daily basis, questioning as to why they hired me when I was being moulded into 'the English blonde Reiss ideal'. Favouritism was evident across the team with certain members facing no discipline for repeated lateness or uniform whilst others were subjected to recorded conversations. Managers were unprofessional, bringing constant personal issues into work leaving myself or other team members picking up their work. The company dealt with issues in particular with staff in a bad manner and their respect for sales associates is little to none. Can safely say I was not acknowledged in this company and their interest in intelligent fashion forward people is minimal. I would expect behaviour in a workplace like this at a high end brand but not a high street company such as Reiss.NothingBad management, bad organisation and no respect for team"

Verkäuferin (Current Employee) says

"Möchte gerne mehr Stunden arbeiten ist in dieser Fa.nicht möglich Ich dekoriere das Schaufenster und mache auch im Geschäft die Dekorationen ,ich führe Verkaufsgespräche, Bestellungen bei Firmen, Reinigung der GeschäftsräumeZuwenig Stunden"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"This use to be a good company to work for, many years ago. However too many changes from David Reiss himself (the man needs to retire) coupled with the constant changes in the corporate structure have resulted in a negative environment, that has greatly impacted the morale of the staff in all locations in the US. Yes it is a business and changes have to be made if they are not making money. Its not what they did, but how they treated the people they let go. It is safe to say this is not a company that cares about its people.... they DO NOT invest in their staff and have no problems letting go of people who have worked hard for them for 20+ years! There are a lot of deep rooted issues in the US operation and having a UK mentality, or bringing in a UK head is not going to fix things. you need someone to get down and dirty. Close the stores and start again. When UK corporate visits, issues are promptly swept under the carpet by Corporate US team and managers are told not to say anything. The lack of support from the US side is horrendous, its nothing but pointing fingers & setting unrealistic expectations. They bring in "support" from the UK - 2 "senior managers" who have no experience in LEADING managers or supporting managers.These people create nothing but negative hostile environments in all the stores they visit and managers and staff are left stressed, over worked and under appreciated. Wouldn't be surprised if several doors close in 2014... I would say they would be lucky to still be around by the end of the year When it comes to recruiting, managerscompensation - is average, discount is 70%breaks ... what breaks???, Day off ... once a week if your lucky"

Advisor (Former Employee) says

"A premium brad should pay more than minimum wage. Discount was great but couldn't buy much with the limit. Store managers first store so patience is needed."

Visual merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I would never advice anyone to ever apply for a job with reiss, they are superficial and demand standards that don't represent the quality of clothing or the pay involved, some managers are amazing and others are complete idiots, I've seen a lot of unprofessional behaviour from managers. I was part of management team and I'd never step foot inside a reiss store again after the way they treat staff. Horrible and disgusting brand, vile place to work with some vile people working there. The top lie and stick together and anyone who tries to rightfully exercise their rights will not get past them.Can't think of one.Head office staff, bad quality clothing, wages, treatment of staff"

Sales Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Overall, I learned a lot about how to manage a small team and promote sales in a relatively slow retail environment and a new business to Canada. Members of the sales team were personable and easy to get along with. The hardest part of the job was the inconsistency in upper management techniques and the hours - there was not a good work/life balance. The most enjoyable part of the job was the people and expanding my knowledge of retail environments."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A fun place to work but can be boring with lack of any kind of challenge or change. The work hours are fairly poor and you have to work on weekends. Management is okay. if a bit disorganized. the only real plus is the discount on free clothing.Free clothesno free weekends"

Shop Manager, Century City, and Beverly Center (Current Employee) says

"I am a shop manager for two locations in the Bloomingdales . nice product and new to the L. A. market. lots of opportunities to grown the business .good clothing % offbenefits cost high."

SALES ASSOCIATE (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced environment but very team oriented so it’s not as overwhelming like most retail. I developed great sales tactics with having to work with clients from all different backgrounds. Management does play a bit of favoritism, it’s very hard to move up in the company. The company refuses to pay people their worth."

QC Technician and Inspector (Former Employee) says

"The company is the producer of auto parts. They provide a clean work environment along with hands on training. A very courtesies and respectful work place."

Supervisor/Sales Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced, enjoyable environment with varied daily tasks and challenges.sales commission and incentivesLate nights over Christmas and during sales period"

SALES SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"Reiss was a warm ,inviting place to work for. Passed through 3 managers but always established a good relationships with all my peers including store staff. Being responsible for store quotas and staff members and continuation of understanding the product and achieving sales goals(top 10 in the company), threw having repeat customers and setting up appointments. We had to be open to the customers needs and using different selling techniques to make the sale. I learned to set up training sessions/new current employees, meetings, contests, floor moves, and maintaining a strong positive relationship with clients with great personal knowledge as well as motivating and inspiring team through brand history. The small staff that existed was maintained with efficiency, and we all played a role with good communications between all. The most enjoyable part of the job was the relationship between all the employees, with respect and loyalty.relaxed atmosphere, fashionable product nice clients.Store needed a renovation updated to keep up with appearances."

Moja says

"Their price and products don’t match. The chest pocket of the suit jacket tore after the second wear. Rude customer service, they refused refund and repair. Spend your money wisely."

Nuala Hughes says

"I buy a lot from Reiss, but not always quality expected for the price. Recently £145 jumper. I am picking pieces of the floor all day long. Pilling everywhere, I'll have no jumper left soon. Rubbish."

Yecats says

"NEVER AGAIN. I will never purchase anything from Reiss again. I am still waiting for a very large refund for a purchase I made in November. I returned the item and Reiss confirmed receipt mid-Dec, but I am still waiting for the refund (1 month later). My last communication from them was that a credit card was refunded ... however it was not mine! They have awarded my refund to someone else, and now they have gone silent about when I will get my money back. Buyers BEWARE! Terrible, terrible experience."

Roup says

"Used Reiss return service by collectplus to return an item back to Reiss on Wednesday 30th December and it was last scanned on 31 December to say it was dispatched from Lichfield Depot- since then no further updates on the tracker. My parcel has just vanished in to thin air apparently. I contacted collectplus customer services who say they will investigate but if the tracker isn’t updated in 48hours I would have to contact the retailer? So I contacted Reiss and all they say is they’re expecting the parcel. It’s been nearly 2 weeks? I want my refund! This is absolutely ridiculous."

Corry says

"Terrible customer service, clothes shrink on delicate washes and quality of clothes is poor"

Reviewerredpurple says

"Ordered and item but wanted to cancel it immediately. Send the care team several emails yet they responded to say the item had been charged and dispatched. They knew full well I wanted a refund. I ordered the item in error and want to cancel it you need to refund me and cancel it"

Sarah says

"£95 for a jumper that shrinks in the delicates wash! Disgraceful, at least produce items that hold their shape and quality if you are going to charge these prices."

Anonymous says

"They don't deserve 1. Reiss has terrible customer service. The company looks as luxurious but when it comes to real customer problem they don't do anything. I had an international delivery, and DHL charged extra money for that. Reiss sent me lots of promising emails that they will cover the cost and it never happened. Why they kept lying to me that they sent money to my bank account and never done it?!
Also, the quality is terrible. My sister ordered a dress, and it falls apart after only wearing it twice."

Nicola Taylor says

"I buy a lot of products from Reiss. I bought a jumper a month ago wore it once the seam came apart. I've rang to advise them my printer is currently not working, they have refused to send me a label. I woul d have to drive 40 miles to the nearest branch Their inferior product has now turned into my problem. They have the product in stock which I'm. Happy to. Pay for up upfront but unless I use their set returns label they cannot guarantee my money back. I will be looking at other brands to buy after this awful service."

Suzanne Mcloughlin says

"Beyond disappointed in Reiss. I have been e-mailing them for three weeks about a faulty top but have had zero response despite chasing several times. I think my only option is to post this review everyday until I get a response."

Liz Young says

"Purchasing from Australian site
Buyer beware of purchasing goods online - they are shipped from the UK and customs duty is payable. Whilst this is made clear on the Reiss website they do not make it clear that "legislation does not allow a refund of customs duty if you return them to the supplier because:
* you change your mind
* they don't fit
* you do not like them

Very misleading. I have raised the issue with Reiss 4 times seeking a response to why they do not make this information available and they have yet to reply.

Shoddy service and practice."

Neil McCooke says

"Ordered on-line.
Tried to contact Reiss countless times, emailing details of the problem, even using social media to prize out a response.
They eventually responded asking kindly me to confirm the nature of your query !!??
Which I did & sent photos to further explain.
Still waiting a response, but lost all confidence in "Reiss as a reliable / professional company."

Mr K Stevens says

"Bought some clothes online which was sent to be picked up at my nearest store, I had to call the store before I was told my order had arrived and then 2 days later got an email to say my order is at the store even though I had collected them on the day I rang to check. Also 1 of my item was small so I was given a refund to which I was told by a member of staff it would arrive Wednesday; went to get clothes on the Friday. I had to call on Thursday to enquire about the refund and was put on hold then called back after 2 hours to tell me there was a backlog and apologies and the refund is now in progress so should receive by Monday. It’s just a joke for such a company, they take money out of your account, bank etc quickly but to get it back or have the decency to communicate after is unbelievable. I had to call and chase them up for everything. They are terrible and this was at the Stratford branch!!!"

Louise says

"If I could give a minus score, I would!!

Simple return turned in to a nightmare. Over a month I was chasing for a return to be made. Customer services just appalling. Then got a phone call from some sort of manager who just clearly was ticking a box calling me. He could not have been less interested.

I get it, everyone’s reduced teams thanks to covid but COME ON Reiss, you’re a premium brand and your competition are ten times better with the same issues! No response to my last three emails and two weeks after speaking to the ‘manager’ who hadn’t even checked if I had the refund, I finally got it.

No apology, no follow up call. SO disappointing. Love their clothes but doesn’t make up for that nonsense."

RB says

"I have been having a terrible experience with them (still on going). I ordered some dresses and I found one of them was the wrong size. They said they will exchange it and they said they will refund the courier cost. I returned it and received the right one. But they haven’t refund the courier cost although I claimed. I needed to chase and waited for a while to get their reply. The first response was, they said they have already done it. They misunderstood that I was asking a refund for the other clothes I returned. I explained about it in the email chain but they didn’t read it properly. I needed to explain again and waited for their reply again. Finally they said they have proceeded and I found that I have received a refund from them, however the amount was totally wrong. It was 1/10 amount of my courier cost. I emailed them again a week ago still nothing. Really annoying."

Gigi Iggy says

"Bought a men's suit and tie it was shipped to Australia. We open the box suit has a stain, loose button and all creased. This is disappointing my invoice number is 5312700 we cannot find an email address. We have to get a brand new suit dry cleaned this is not good😔"


"ordered emily blouse
arrived in small plastic bag so very creased and also smells like someone has already worn it!!
I like the blouse so will now have to pay to have it dry cleaned I am also worried that someone with the virus could have worn it!!
Reiss has no phone so can't contact them have sent email"

Kayley Rogers says

"I bought a dress from Reiss in Cabot Place, Canary Wharf London, which turned out to be faulty (the faulty popper meant the dress embarrassingly popped open 20+ times the first time i wore it exposing my breast area) - not something i'd expect from a £150 dress!

I returned it to the store for a refund, but the lady refused as i'd already worn it once (despite the fact it was a faulty product and wouldn't have realised this without wearing it first). After getting into a bit of an argument with the rude lady, she finally said they'd send it off to be considered. Two weeks later and I've still not received any correspondence about the dress. I've emailed them too but no reply.

Really disappointed with the terrible customer service I've received from this brand. Such a shame, this use to be a great brand but I'm highly reluctant to buy anything from them again."

BOB says

"Huge fan of Reiss... as long as you don't have an issue with a faulty product. Their customer service left a lot to be desired. Very unhelpful. Very good sale, full price items are overpriced for what is just another high street brand."

Laura MacArthur says

"Reiss have some really lovely and modern styles which makes a nice change. However, it’s grossly overpriced as the materials are poor quality and badly finished. At these prices everything should be silk and cashmere! Sadly it’s all cheap man made rubbish that will look crap after a couple of wears!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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